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      NO PRACTICE Friday August 16
There will be no practice Friday August 16...many of the coaches are out of town. Look to resume next week.

Stars Do it Again...CJ Wins Ashe Essay Contest
For the official press release,  CLICK HERE
CJ Way to go!


          UL Men Host Clinic for Stars!!!
UL works with the Stars
Thank You!!! University of Louisville Men's Team for hosting a Clinic for Rising Stars Kids - Friday, March 15th. What a great event. THIS IS WHY WE SUPPORT THEM!  To see more pix CLICK HERE

UL works with the Stars
Fri  8/16   No Practice
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Tue 8/20   First Day JCPS
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Fri 8/23   Practice TBD
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Mon 9/2   Labor Day No School

  USTA.COM Features Rising Stars
The United States Tennis Association (USTA) has featured the Rising Stars several times in the past. Most notably was in 2007 USTA Recoginizes Rising Stars Againwhen we were named National NJTL of the Year. It is National Black History Month and the USTA is taking special care to talk about the great Arthur Ashe and his ideals. Rising Stars embraces Ashe and everything he stood for and the USTA recognizes this. So CLICK HERE or on the picture to see this terrific article. STAY TUNED, WE WILL BE POSTING INFORMATION ON THE ARTHUR ASHE ESSAY AND ART CONTEST SOON.
     Beginner/Intermediate Player Video
There are LOTS of great instructional video to improve your tennis skills. We will highlight some of them here.
LESSON: Forehand Step 1 Pivot and Shoulder Turn
LESSON: Forehand Step 2 Racket Back
LESSON: Forehand Step 3 Swing to Contact
LESSON: Forehand Step 4 Follow Through
           Advanced Player Video
This section will be used to demonstrate advanced and modern techniques used by today's players. Also some fun video and historical video.
LESSON: Modern Forehand
VIDEO: Arthur Ashe History
VIDEO: Various sports bloopers
          Taking a bite of the Big Apple:
     Ashe Contest Winners Jasmine & Angelia
Rising Star Angelia!
Update: Here is the link to a great Courier-Journal articles with Pictures!

The streak continues for the Rising Stars of Kentucky Tennis program! The USTA (United States Tennis Association) national office recently announced that Rising Stars Tennis students Angelia Herrera and Jasmine Standard represented the Rising Stars program in New York at the August 2012 US Open Tennis Tournament and Arthur Ashe Kids Day Celebration. Angelia was the national winner in the Girls 10 and Under Art Division and Jasmine, another national winner, is the Girls Art 11-12 and Under Division’s top prize recipient.  Jasmine was recently by the JCPS Board of Education for this achievement!

Winners received a three day, two night all-expense paid trip toRising Star Jasmine! New York for themselves and a family member. While there, winners attend a Broadway play, tour New York, attend Arthur Ashe Kids Day and other U.S. Open events at Flushing Meadows as the special guest of the USTA’s national office. National winners get a cameo on CBS and are honored by former New York Mayor Dinkins at a special luncheon in their honor. These two young ladies bring the number to twelve (12) winners from the Rising Stars program. CLICK for Official Press Release
        Stars Making Their Mark Everywhere!!!

Rising Star TJ!TJ Anderson receives Academic Achievement Award from Kentucky Representative Dennis Horlander. TJ, now a 6th grader received this award aloing with the Citizenship Award Gold Pen. WAY TO GO TJ!

UPDATE 9/26/12: Timothy is doing well, will start school on October 1, at Lyman T Johnson Middle School and should be back to tennis by the middle of October. Despite completing his classwork outside of school he worked hard and has straight A's to date! Thanks for all your prayers and concerns!

Christine Crawford, LONG time Rising Star, was a 2012 graduating senior at Ballard. She earned a national “USTA Serves” College Scholarship in the amount of $10,000.00 to be used at Berea where she will receive an academic scholarship and play tennis. UPDATE 10/1/12: Berea has redone their courts and Christine is tearing them up! Undefeated to date!  Check out here accomplishments by CLICKING HERE

The Stars were winners at Mid-Tac in Indy! They represented us well in both competiveness and sportsmanship. This is a great and fun tournament...look for it next year.
CLICK for MID-TAC Announcement One
CLICK for MID-TAC Announcement Two

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                     Special Thanks
                   to the Rising Stars
             Featured Sponsor of the Week
University of Louisville Tennis and Bass-Rudd Tennis Center

University of Louisville Tennis

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Many of our coaches, mentors, and older Stars also participate in the NTA. We will be putting Lastly, we talked about the Rising Stars of Kentucky Tennis heritage. Its very important that those of us who have been involved for some time review our history, and our new members understand where we have been. It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication from coaches, mentors, parents, participants, volunteers! Below are some links to some YouTube videos

         Jack Barton Leads Chicago State

Jack Barton returned home as he was named head coach of the Chicago State Jack BartonUniversity men s and women s tennis teams in January 2010. "I am very excited about returning home and being given this opportunity. I am looking forward to being a part of the Chicago State Athletics staff and doing some great things for this program.” Barton said.

Jack Barton has enjoyed his trips to Louisville bringing his players for great competition and introducing them to the Rising Stars Family.  He thanks everyone for their support!!!

To Follow Jack / Chicago State, CLICK HERE

Message for those interested in learning more about the Rising Stars Program...

For visitors to our website who have an interest in starting their kids in tennis.  Feel free to come out and visit us Friday when we practice and have your child / children bring their racket.  We can let them hit balls with us on that Friday. 

HOWEVER, DUE TO COURT AND INSTRUCTOR LIMITATIONS, REMEMBER, RISING STARS NUMBERS ARE CAPPED.  YOU CAN JOIN BY INVITATION ONLY.  This is not to become an inclusive club but rather to allow each Star, Little or Rising Star to get the most out of it.  If we have space and its a fit, great.  We wish we had more space and we hope everyone understands.>
     College Recruiting Advice is Available

Jack is out of town but the Rising Stars are not out of his thoughts. As a College Coach, Jack has a different perspective and can bring a wealth of knowledge for those of you who need help with the College Recruiting Process. He has found a nice video that may help you understand some of the guidelines involved here.  To see the video CLICK HERE

In addition Bellarmine Coach and frequent Click for the College Recruiting VideoRising Star Guest Coach John Mican has volunteered his time and expertise for parents and/or players wanting advice on playing College Tennis.  He can provide advice or arrange videotaping (for a fee) He can be reached at 502.435.3146 or email him at johnmican@yahoo.com.  For an article on college recruiting, CLICK HERE.
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